Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dopex?

We're an efficient decentralized options protocol. With fair pricing, pooled liquidity and rebates for sellers - in case they make losses during any week - and backed by the largest option MMs in the crypto space. Learn more at our Dopexpedia!
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Why Options?

  • TradFi options mkt volume is in the trillions
  • Deribit options volume for $BTC alone did $14+ bln
  • Current mkt of DEX options volume does only $2+ mln

What is DPX?

DPX is the limited supply governance token. Read more at DopexAcademy.

What is rDPX?

rDPX is the dopex rebate token that gets distributed to pool writers. Read more at DopexAcademy.

How to value rDPX?

rDPX doesn't have a supply cap since rebates are impossible to predict. There are a few use cases for the token to ensure it holds its value, such as
  • rDPX/WETH LP token is usable for DPX farming.
  • rDPX will be a fee requirement for future contracts built over dopex, like say vaults.
  • rDPX would be used as collateral for synths, which could be used to create synthetic options for non-crypto assets.
  • Fees collected with staking DPX could be boosted with rDPX.
The token would also have deflationary properties within the protocol, to balance supply.

Where to farm DPX/rDPX?

Guide to bridge and farm on Arbitrum here.

What blockchain are you launching on?

Our core options exchange platform will operate on Arbitrum L2.


Q4 2021 & Q1 2022

Who is behind Dopex?

Our core developers are @tztokchad and @witherblock with most of the team being Anon. Full introduction can be found in our previous AMAs: AMA Arbitrum - 3rd Dec 2021
AMA DeFi Pulse - 24th Sep 2021
AMA Dopex Discord - 18th June 2021

A sneak peek of the product?

Option Chain
Portfolio Page
Option Swapping

Learn more about Options

We have created a series called 'Dopex Essentials' for beginners. These small posts will introduce you to the world of options and help you understand the basics.
And more to come..
Dopexpedia is a wiki page for all things Dopex, you will find all official + community curated resources, dashboards, tutorials and more here. This board will be updated frequently so make sure to bookmark this page!
Dune Dashboard (ETH Mainnet - needs to be updated to Arbitrum):
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