Introduction to Dopex

Dopex -- A decentralized options protocol aiming to expand option liquidity throughout DeFi by minimizing option losses via rebates and maximizing reward through delegated controlled incentives.
Incentives with minimized losses translate into a deep liquidity option market. Dopex leverages this liquidity to maximize option buyer's demands on strategies that are designed to:
  • Hedge
  • Give insurance
  • Make speculative bets
  • Or form an income basis
On diverse assets such as (Cryptos, derivatives, fungibles, non-fungibles, and more)

Explore the incredible ecosystem that Dopex pursues #OpFi

Dopex leverages options (the most composable financial tool) as a primary infrastructure base to construct prominent DeFi primitives in a securer format. These unique by-products give fruition to capital-efficient mechanics, which is only possible with modern blockchain SC technology.
An incredible component of Dopex is that it can be used as a base layer for partnered protocols to build structured products on top of existing building blocks. Fortunately, multiple protocols have already built around us and joined our ecosystem, most of them committed community members.