rDPX/ETH Permissioned AMM

PoL from bonding will be deployed to our custom rDPX/ETH Permissioned AMM ("v2 AMM")after LP Management.
The v2 AMM is a 50:50 constant sum market maker with two unique features:

1. The rDPX v2 Treasury is the Only Whitelisted Address

As a permissioned AMM, the v2 AMM only accepts liquidity from the rDPX v2 Treasury. Since the treasury is the only liquidity provider, all swaps involving $rDPX will accrue transaction fees to the treasury.

2. 5% Sales fees on $rDPX

Swaps of $rDPX for $ETH via the v2 AMM incur a 5% sales fee paid in $ETH paid to the treasury.
The intention is to encourage bonding rather than swapping of $rDPX to further grow $dpxETH circulating supply. Additionally, if holders do decide to sell, the fees act to further grow the treasury.