What is Dopex?

Dopex is a Decentralized Options Exchange that uses distributed ledger technology to provide permissionless and non-custodial access to option trading. Our vision is to provide a platform that minimizes losses for liquidity providers while maximizing liquidity for option buyers.

Using Dopex

Trade Options

Trade American or European-style options with expiries ranging from one hour to one month against community-sourced liquidity.
See Dopex for Traders to learn how to trade options on Dopex.

Provide Liquidity

Provide liquidity on Dopex to earn fees from traders and/or the rDPX v2 system and other rewards.
See Dopex for Liquidity Providers to learn how to provide liquidity on Dopex.

Bond for $rtETH

Bond $rDPX and/or $ETH for $rtETH, a yield-bearing $ETH derivative that powers the Dopex ecosystem.
See Dopex for Bonders to learn how to bond for and stake $rtETH.

Option Fundamentals

Before using Dopex, it is important to understand how options work and the risks associated with using them.
See Option Fundamentals for a brief explanation of options.


If you have read through the documentation and are familiar with the risks associated with our products and options in general, we have accompanying walkthroughs that will guide you through how to use our application.
See Walkthroughs for step-by-step guides for each of our products.