Dopex for Option Traders

Traders may use Dopex to buy options via the CLAMM or SSOVs. The two products source liqudiity from different pools and thus have different features.


Users may enable Auto-Exercise which automatically closes positions 5 minutes before expiration to lock in settlement. A 1% fee is charged by the exercise executor on profits.

The CLAMM allows users to trade American-style options (i.e. positions can be exercised at any time).

Note that users must exercise positions before close or an ITM option may expire worthless.

Refer to CLAMM walkthrough to learn how to purchase options via the CLAMM.


The SSOV allows users to trade European-style options (i.e. positions that can only be exercised at expiry).

Note that stETH/USD is used for calls while ETH/USD is used for puts. Additionally, ARB/USD is only available for monthlies.

Refer to SSOV walkthrough to learn how to trade options using SSOVs.

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