Bonding for $rtETH

Users may bond for $rtETH using $rDPX and/or $ETH over a variable vesting period (currently set to 1 day). Depending on which token(s) the user bonds in with, the user journey may look slightly different.

A bonding discount may be set which allows a user to mint bonus $rtETH on bond (this will be shown on the UI).

Standard Bonding

Standard bonders are required to bring in 75% $ETH and 25% $rDPX.

Once bonded, the vesting period begins immediately.

Delegate Bonding

Delegate bonders either have $ETH or $rDPX only and will be paired with the appropriate opposing token to make up the $ETH and $rDPX required for standard bonding.

$ETH Delegate

$ETH delegates may deposit $ETH that will be matched with $rDPX bonders that utilize their liquidity. Delegates may assign a fee on total $rtETH minted from their deposit which is earned in bonus $rtETH.

The vesting period will only begin once their liquidity has been utilized by an $rDPX-only bonder.

$rDPX-only Bonder

$rDPX-only bonders may bond in $rDPX to be paired with liquidity provided by $ETH delegates. They pay a delegate fee depending on the rate assigned by the delegate they are utilizing. Bonders will automatically use delegates with the lowest fees first.

The vesting period begins immediately on bond.

BEEP BOOP - Bonding walkthrough currently under maintenance.

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