Dopex Rebate Token
The full specifications for rDPX v2 can be found here.
$rDPX is the rebate token of the Dopex platform that may be used for bonding and staking.


Users may bond $rDPX and $ETH in exchange for $rtETH.
$rtETH is a yield-bearing $ETH derivative that may be staked to earn yield while maintaining a soft-peg to $ETH price.


Users may stake $rDPX for a period of 1 week to 1 month in exchange for staking rewards, with a longer lock duration equating to a higher share of rewards.
Staking rewards come from Dopex's vlCVX, protocol revenue, and other rewards.


dbrDPX rebates are not yet live.
Decaying bondable $rDPX ('dbrDPX') is a reward token given to Dopex liquidity providers to compensate for losses. Each dbrDPX is an ERC-721 token with a defined $rDPX amount and expiry.
dbrDPX can be used to substitute for $rDPX during the bonding process based on its defined $rDPX amount. If a user does not bond dbrDPX before expiry, it will expire worthless.