Dopex Rebate Token
$rDPX v2 is currently undergoing audit and is not yet live
$rDPX is the rebate token of the Dopex platform and is used to compensate option writers a portion of their losses. These rebates make decreases the cost of writing on Dopex in comparison to our competitors, allowing us to drive deeper liquidity throughout the platform.
$rDPX is a utility token that can be used to mint synthetic assets known as Dopex Synthetic Coins ($DSCs) via the rDPX v2 System. The first iteration of $DSC is $dpxETH, a synthetic that targets the price of $ETH.
The rDPX v2 System upgrade consists of multiple components, namely:
See here for the full rDPX v2 System Specification document. A simplified version has been prepared for our less intellectually gifted enjoyooors.