Token Distribution

Dopex uses a dual token system that aims to align user behaviour to drive deep liquidity, consisting of:

  • $DPX: vanilla governance token

  • $rDPX: bondable token

Token Distribution


$DPX has a maximum circulating supply of 500,000 which will be emitted over 5 years from token sale.

The supply is allocated as follows:

  • Early Investor and Token Sale: 26%

    • Early Investor: 11%

      • 50% vested over 6 months

    • Token Sale: 15%

  • Operational Allocation: 17%

    • Distributed over 5 years.

  • Liquidity Mining: 15%

    • Distributed over 2 years with an initial boosted reward period of 4 weeks to incentivize $DPX and $rDPX liquidity

  • Platform Rewards: 30%

    • Distributed over 5 years to incentivize users of the Dopex platform

  • Founders Allocation: 12%

    • 20% initially staked in liquidity pools

    • 80% vested over 2 years


$rDPX has an uncapped circulating supply with no fixed emission schedule.

New $rDPX may only enter circulation via dbrDPX bonding. $rDPX created through this pathway may only be added to the rDPX/ETH liquidity pool and thus does not enter circulation directly.

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